Trustees and Patrons

 Sarah Badel Trustee

Sarah Badel is an actress  who  trained at R.A.D.A and has made many appearances on stage, television and films. She is also regularly heard on radio. She has worked at the National Theatre and has enjoyed a long association with the Chichester Festival Theatre where she has given numerous performances since her first season in 1966.
She became a trustee of Angels International in 1998 and has  represented the charity on frequent  visits to Belarus.

Sarah (right) with doctors & newly equipped ambulance, Babruisk, Belarus 


  Julia Cussins Trustee:

In 1990 Julia Cussins became one of the founding trustees of Angels International. She has combined her work on the early projects in Poland, Croatia, Bosnia and Belarus with bringing up four children in West Sussex.  In November 2007 she accompanied Karen Roberts to Malawi, to consolidate future plans with  our new partners in Africa, Sr Florence Kankota and Sr Margaret Nyirenda.

Julia with mothers  at an  outreach  clinic in Malawi


 Karen Roberts Trustee:

Karen Roberts was one of the first to respond to Marzenna Hiles’ initial appeal in November 1989. Karen trained as a teacher of children with special needs and became involved with Angels just after the birth of her daughter Emily. She has made numerous visits to Poland and Belarus for the charity.
In October 2007 she went on a field trip to Malawi to report on the feasibility of two new projects in the rural districts of Dedza and Nkhamenya.
She returned to Malawi with Julia Cussins in November.

Karen left with Head nurse Anastasia &   translator, Burn Unit, Belarus


Michael Buerk O.B.E

Michael BuerkMichael Buerk has probably won more international awards for television reporting than any other British journalist most notably for his coverage of the Ethiopian famine for BBC News in 1984/5. His reports filmed with the Nairobi based cameraman, Mohamed Amin alerted the world to the extent of the tragedy. They were shown worldwide, to an audience of  billions. They led directly to a massive international relief effort itself valued in billions of dollars, which was estimated to have saved well over a million lives.

He was named "Television Journalist of the Year" by the Royal Television Society in 1984 and won a second RTS award that year for foreign reporting. He has won the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award for  factual broadcasting.

He has been awarded the "Golden Nymph" at the Monte Carlo Film and Television Festival Europe's premier prize for television journalism. In 1988 he was the third recipient of the James Cameron Memorial award, given for "work as a journalist that combined moral vision and professional integrity" in his coverage of the township uprising and state of emergency in South Africa. He has reported for BBC TV News since 1973. Southern Africa Correspondent (1983/7).

He presented BBC Television's flagship news programme, The Ten O'clock News and  is chairman of the BBC's discussion programme on moral and ethical issues The Moral Maze (BBC Radio 4). He also  presents a single interview programme about individual dilemmas, The Choice that is a key element of the Radio 4 schedule. Apart from broadcasting he lectures on international issues and environmental matters and chairs conferences on current affairs, political and industrial subjects.
In 1989, his award winning television documentary “A Poisoned Inheritance” exposed the desperate  plight of children with leukaemia in heavily polluted areas in Poland. It was in response to this program that Angels International was founded and in 1990, Michael Buerk became our first patron.

Thanks for keeping me in touch with Angels International. You really are brilliant.
Malawi is a long way away from the original point of concern but I can fully appreciate your reasoning, and applaud how you have gone about it. I used to go there quite often (it was part of my patch when I was the BBC Africa correspondent. Lovely people,often beautiful place, huge problems especially now HIV/Aids is such a factor.
Good luck


Professor Roy Sanders BSc. MB. BS.FRCS.   (Retired December 2006)

Professor Roy Sanders ( left) graduated from London University in 1962, trained for five years in the generality of surgery before embarking upon a seven year training in plastic surgery. He was appointed a Consultant and Senior Lecturer in the University of London in Plastic Surgery in 1974 and became Clinical Director of the Mount Vernon Centre for Plastic Surgery in 1980 where he engaged in the whole spectrum of reconstructive plastic surgery but with a particular interest in the reconstruction of patients suffering cleft lip and palate deformity, head and neck cancer and burns.

In 1990 he established the RAFT Centre for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Research of which he becamethe Research Director.

Professor Sanders has been Secretary to The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Secretary and later President of The British Association of Plastic Surgeons and a Member of the Senate of The Royal Surgical Colleges of Great Britain & Ireland.

Prof Sanders (left) with surgeon
 Dr Yevgeny Loban (right) &   translator
 in Burn unit Belarus

In the education field he has been Chairman of the Specialist Advisory Committee in Higher Surgical Training in Plastic Surgery. In the research field he has produced many papers on surgery, cell and molecular biology, lasers etc. He was appointed an Honorary Professor of University College London on retirement from the National Health Service in 1993. He became a patron of Angels International in 2002  and accompanied the trustees to the Khimvolokno Burn Unit in Belarus . He made a most detailed assessment of the needs of the surgical  team, making many extremely valuable recommendations. 

“ I have been pleased and honoured to be a patron of Angels International, and have visited the beneficiaries of the charity's support in Belarus, where it was apparent that the help was well-directed, making a very substantial difference to the welfare particularly of burnt and sick children together with an enormous uplift of morale of the staff in whose care they were.
 It is encouraging that the need for support in Belarus has diminished, and that Angels International now feels that the charity can transfer its support to more needy projects.
I unreservedly endorse the present aims of the charity, to give aid, and support to medical education, in Malawi."

Roy Sanders.

Mr Philip Gilbert:  FDS RCS FRCS  Ed (plast) 

Mr Philip Gilbert Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Director of McIndoe Burn Centre East Grinstead.
Philip Gilbert initially trained in dentistry & oral & maxillofacial surgery. After studies in medicine he trained in plastic surgery. He has held consultant posts in the University of Rotterdam, Edinburgh and now East Grinstead. His specialist areas of work are burns surgery (he is director of the Burns Centre), facial deformity and anomalies in conjunction with maxillofacial and ophthalmic surgeons and vascular malformations.
His general plastic surgery work both NHS and private has included a considerable number of breast cases, both reductions and augmentations.

He has presented lectures at national plastic surgery meetings relating to these.

Philip Gilbert (far right) with
surgical team, Burn Unit, Belarus

Philip joined Angels International in 2004 and has accompanied the trustees on many occasions to Belarus. He has also personally arranged training programmes for the entire team of the Khimvolokno Burn Unit at the McIndoe Burn Centre East Grinstead. He was invited by Dr Yevgeny Loban to attend  the All Russian Conference for Burn Surgeons in Nizhny Novgorod and gave a presentation of the work of the McIndoe Burn Centre in Russian! He is the only British burn  surgeon to have done so.

Dr Tim Fooks:   BSc  MB. BS. MRCGP.  DCH. DRCOG   
Hon. Medical Consultant:

 Dr Tim Fooks graduated from the Royal Free School of Medicine in 1987 having also completed his BSc (Hons) degree in Immunopathology at St Mary's Medical School in 1984.  He trained for general practice in Cambridge and has been a GP principal in Pulborough, West Sussex for 16 years.  As a primary care physician he has a particular interest in the fields of paediatric and adult medicine and, more recently, in palliative care.  In 2007, and after a development project lasting 9 years, Tim's practice took possession of a flagship primary care centre and pharmacy, where a whole range of additional services are now being provided for patients and more are in the pipe-line.  Since 1999, Tim has also been involved in healthcare management and, in this capacity, he has been Chairman of the Chichester & Rural Primary Care Group and a PCT Director for Clinical Service Redesign.  He now sits on the board of the West Sussex Primary Care Trust. Tim a is a freeman of the City of London and a  member of the Leathersellers' Company.

He has been Hon Medical Consultant to Angels International since

Tim with orphanage baby  Nina,
Khimvolokno Hospital  Belarus

"It is a privilege to have been able to see how much benefit the excellent work of Angels has brought to the care of patients in Poland and Belarus over the years and, with such a strong team and its focussed approach, I am certain that the work of Angels in Malawi will prove to be equally effective."  Dr Tim Fooks

Dr Nikolai Burakowsky, Head of the Paediatric Ward for Infectious Diseases, Khimvolokno Hospital, Mogilev, Belarus.

Dr Burakowsky has been in partnership with Angels International since 1998.

"For the past of 10 years, the Belarusian hospitals of Mogilev, Babruisk and Brest were supplied with a great quantity of up to date medical equipment from Angels. Many doctors of various specialities were trained in British hospitals and attended international conferences that contributed to better understanding of trends in modern medicine. I am sure our patients will benefit from it." Nikolai Burakowsky

Dr Burakowsky working with Dr Fooks