Over 28 years of saving children's lives

Angels International is a small charity founded in 1990. We supply medical aid and equipment, fund the construction of hospital buildings and promote education and training for local medical staff and health workers. We also promote health education in the wider community.

Early projects were in hospitals in Eastern Europe, most recently in Belarus. Since 2008 we have been working with mission hospitals in rural Malawi.

How your donation will help


£60 will buy a waterproof washable mattress.


£500 will finish the plumbing and fit sinks in the operating room.


£1,000 will buy an oxygen concentrator for newborn babies.


£30,000 will buy a 4 x 4 ambulance.

An amazing 97p of every £1 will go directly to the cause

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11th July 2018

St Josephs

Trustee Karen and son Sam arrived at St Joseph’s having been met in the new Land Cruiser ambulance by Sister...


11th July 2018

Mtendere Community Hospital

On their arrival at the hospital, Sister Agnes Jonas, Sister in Charge of Mtendere, greeted trustee Karen Roberts....


11th July 2018

Nkhamenya Community Hospital

Trustee Karen Roberts and her eldest son Sam were met at Lilongwe airport by Sister Margaret Nyirenda, Sister in...


11th July 2018

A new website for Angels international!

We are delighted to launch our new website for Angels International, kindly designed and built by local agency...

Why Malawi?

Malawi ranks among the world's most densely populated and least developed countries. The economy is predominately agricultural. Agriculture accounts for more than one-third of GDP and 90% of export revenues. The performance of the tobacco sector is key to short-term growth as tobacco accounts for more than half of exports.

Agriculture accounts for more than one-thirdof GDP and 90% of export revenues. Theperformance of the tobacco sector is key toshort-term growth as tobacco accounts formore than half of exports.

Population of
approx 12 million,
50% under 15
years of age.

1 million orphans
due to prevalence

10th poorest country
in the world.


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