Your money will change lives HOW TO DONATE
  • A Beckham fan£60 will buy a waterproof washable mattress
  • £250 will buy an infant resuscitator
  • £500 will finish the plumbing and fit sinks in the operating room
  • £750 will provide 6 months training for a nurse to assist in theatre
  • £1000 will buy an oxygen concentrator for newborn babies
  • £1200 will train 20 locals on an HIV education programme, enabling them to educate communities.
  • £1250 will train a clinical officer for 18 months in basic obstetric operations
  • £5000 will provide a year's supply of drugs suitable for children under 5
  • £6000 will buy an autoclave for sterilising medical instruments
  • £7000 will buy an ultrasound scanner for pregnant mothers
  • £30000 will buy a 4 x 4 ambulance

Please donate now

Karen & Sr MargaretThank you for supporting  Angels International.

We are a UK registered charity. Reg No: 1000699

There are Three ways you can donate: They are:

Pay Pal

By credit card. You can donate online using PayPal.  It is a secure site and simple to operate.

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Just Giving Angels International

By Post.  Please download and fill in a Donation Form. Please remember to complete the Gift Aid section if you are a UK tax payer, and send us a cheque made payable to Angels International or:

If you wish to donate regularly please complete the Standing Order part of the form.

If you prefer to donate in support of a specific project i.e. Training:   Medical Equipment:  Development Project
Please inform us.